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Legal Services Consultant, Hong Kong

About K.B. Chau & Co. Solicitors & Notaries 

K.B. CHAU & CO. SOLICITORS & NOTARIES was established in 1964.  They provide a wide range of services both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Their legal practice covers civil litigation, criminal litigation, conveyance, corporate finance and capital markets, bank mortgage, celebration of marriages, family proceedings, corporate and commercial work and etc. 

Their partners are ADAM K.Y. TO (China-appointed attesting officer), RONALD K. F. POON (Notary Public), STEPHEN H. C. HO, ANDREW K. F. CHENG, KENNY K. CHOI, M.H. CHAN and ANGELA Y. L. CHAN among others. 

K.B. CHAU & CO. SOLICITORS & NOTARIES advises many local banks and major companies in Hong Kong and participated in more than 50 real estate projects. In 2014, they were one of the few law firms in Hong Kong that started joint partnership with law firms in Mainland China. 

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